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     Are new media the breeding ground solely of new generation? Are they the only category of people who blog and v-log? The prevailing notion is affirmative answers to these questions. We think oldies read and write for print and youngies do the job online. Though social media have somewhat bridged the gap between generations as we have octogenarians active in Facebook, a more engaging and creative spaces and modes of communication, for example blogging, are considered not to be their cuppa. The scenario has something for us to be really worried about.
     Oldies have experiences which would be vital to take stock of issues that matter. For example, grave political economic issues like demonetisation requires seasoned, historical analyses which the experiences of politicians, sociologists and commentators of all generations, especially people with multifarious experiences really matter. Those analyses would prompt us delve deeper into the issues than light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek trolls keep us doing. But a question naturally comes. Can't they still stick to traditional media?
     Here come the questions of saturation and gate keeping. New media penetrate deep into the society and have more viewership. Secondly, many writings, if they offer bitter pills to society, would be discarded by editors. So new media offer them chances to air their views without hardly any concern about censorship.
     This is the platform of blogs which offer seasoned, experienced analyses on issues that matter. They are penned delightfully and often with tongue closely in cheek. Instead of your ever having to visit each of their blogs individually and separately, you can read them all right here under one umbrella. This is designed as an market of all significant blogs on all significant issues.

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